Sunday, September 2, 2012

Snap Tape For Clothing and Decor

Are you sewing overalls or pants for your Bundle or thinking about creating a slip cover, pillow case or furniture skirt?  Snap tape is my go-to for these projects.
Many people head for the hook and loop tape, which is great for holding things together, sure, but put it through the wash and it holds onto everything else as well!  Any thing that has a rough texture, such as socks, sweaters and fleece is a target for the hook part of the hook and loop closures.

"But snap tape is expensive!", you say? Ah, well you'd be correct if you look down the button aisle at the store.  It's about $7 for 1/2 yard there.  Walk around the store until you find the aisle with the home decor notions and you'll find snap tape by the yard for about $4 a yard.  It comes in white, beige or black which will blend in with almost any project you are working on, plus for baby overalls, which need about 10 inches of tape, you are spending less than $2.

The home-decor snap tape is durable, too! It's meant to stand tugging and yanking without tearing or the snaps coming loose- great for fast diaper changes.  Pillow cases stay closed and don't slip off. Furniture skirts stay secure.

If you just have to have pale pink or lime green snap tape, shop online for great values.  The tape you find will probably have plastic snaps, but that's ok for clothing or decor that will have limited use.

In my next post I'll teach you how to sew on the tape for a professional finish.

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